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Donate a land

Would you like to donate a land to FFI?

FFI gladly accepts donated land and undertakes to observe the basic rules of the association:

1) No cutting of trees for economic purposes
2) No land is given away
3) No surrender of CO2 quotas

Any donation is welcome although unfortunately we cannot accept everything and everywhere for practical reasons.

For example, land smaller than 1 hectare poses a serious problem for us in terms of fragmentation of activities and we therefore prefer not to receive it at present.

FFI prefers to avoid co-ownership.

At the moment, for economic reasons, we are forced to give priority to donations whose donors also bear the notary fees.

If you would like to donate your land to us, you can contact us with the following details. You will be contacted soon even if for any reason we cannot accept your generous gift.

At the bottom of this page you will find practical details on how to donate land to the FFI

FFI issues a receipt that the donation is used for the institutional purposes of the ETS, so the donor can deduct/deduct the value of the land from italian taxes.

Please fill the form, you will be soon contacted.