What we do

The foundation Fondo Forestale Italiano ETS preserves biodiversity by conserving and creating forests on land it owns. The forests are left to their own free evolution, without cutting for economic or utility purposes



We use private property to be able to guarantee that no trees will ever be cut down. We give away neither land nor shares of their ecosystem services


Because forests are common goods that are indispensable to the lives of all living things, present and future, so they must be preserved intact. And because by doing so, we counter climate change, combat hydrogeological instability, curb soil consumption and preserve beauty.

The network of Fondo Forestale Italiano

hectares of forest preserved by FFI in its 29 properties
hectares of forest preserved by 36 private owners affiliated to FFI
vignetta di Boligan
This beautiful vignette by Boligán represents the work of the FFI well: by saving the forests from being cut down, we are like a Noah's ark for wild animals.

Mario Tozzi joined FFI

Support our action

The work of the Italian Forestry Fund is a bridge that our generation builds towards the next generation, but what we do is expensive and does not bring financial returns, so the expansion of the areas protected by the Italian Forestry Fund is only possible thanks to donations of money and land from private individuals and companies

Donate your 5x1000 to the FFI

(if you pay taxes in Italy) it costs you nothing: write CF 91030740608

donate land

The FFI will never execute or authorise cuts in it

Affiliate land

You will become part of a community of people who, like you, are willing to deprive themselves of financial gain for the love of nature

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