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Affiliate a wood

Do you manage your private woods preserving their biodiveristy without loggin for money?

Good! You can affiliate yur lands to FFI. You'll be part of an informal  network of private land owners like you, who share their problems and their solution. The Network also is a way to show how many people prefere to avoid earinings than destroy biodiversity.

Affiliation is free and it doesn’t give FFI any right on the land, which management remains 100% to its owner. The network has no administrative structure. 

Land owner affiliate their land to FFI if they accept the rules described in the norme di affiliazione (sorry, only in italian) The main requirement is that they will not log for money and that they will preserve biodiversity in their lands. 

There are three kind of affiliation, each of which with its own limitations:

  • Integral Reserve
  • Reserv 
  • Food Forest.

The land owner asking for affiliation of a land states it  fullfils the requirement and promises to adhere to the  norme di affiliazione , which a technical inspection by FFI can verify at anytime. In case the land is not properly conducted the affiliation is simply cancelled.

Signboard that can be used to mark terrains affiliated to FFI
AXXXX is to be substituted by the unique code given by FFI to the terrain

Why affiliate

There are many private citizens who, completely independently of the FFI, conserve their forests without felling for economic purposes or who purchase wooded areas precisely to conserve them without felling.

For these people, the forest is not an investment for economic purposes, but a disinterested response to environmental, sentimental, animalistic, ethical and aesthetic motivations...

Although they each have their own motivations, all private owners are united by the need to have skills that can guide them in the management of their land. These skills are environmental, but also legal and administrative.

By affiliating their land to the Italian Forestry Fund, the above-mentioned owners become part of a network of people with the same problems as them and this will certainly be useful to them as they will be able to share skills and experience and at the same time join forces to oppose laws, regulations and administrative acts that are unjust or harmful to their land.

The Testo Unico delle Filiere Forestali puts private owners at risk of forced felling. As a matter of fact, art. 12 of the TUFF states that the Regions can compulsorily enforce management interventions (cuts) in coppice forests that have exceeded the minimum rotation by half and in high forests where no thinning or thinning interventions have been carried out in the last twenty years (both defined in point g of art. 3 as "abandoned lands").

Private landowners who want to oppose the logic of the TUFF, if they do not want to be alone in fighting against an unjust law, will be able to have support in the national network, including legal support, to defend their forests from forced felling by the regions.


If you wish to affiliate a land of yours to the network of Fondo Forestale Italiano, please fill this form.
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