About us

The foundation FFI ETS is made of Participants:

  • Partners
    they seat in the Steering Council (Consiglio d’Indirizzo, CdI) and they ca nbe elected to the Board of Directors (Consiglio di Amministrazione, CdA) 
  • Enrolled (Iscritti)
    they contribute to financing the foudation by their annual fee.
  • Volunteers (volontari)
    they are Enrolled who do voluntary and free activities for FFI
  • Affiliated (affiliati)
    terrain owners who have affilated to FFI some of their terrains


While Partners are defined in the  By-law  (Statuto), Enrolled, Volunteers and Affiliated ere defined in the  Fund Regulation (regolamento)

Claudio Capitini

member of the CdA

Emanuele Lombardi

founder & president

Cristiano Manni

member of CdA

Pietro Micaroni

member of CdA

Luciano Schiazza

member of CdA

Simone Scarselli

member of CdA

Our history

The association Fondo Forestale Italiano was born on  June 2018 and it as soon got the status of ONLUS (which is an italian acronym for "charity") . On 28 April 2023, the association was transformed into a foundation, taking into its assets the forests it had acquired or received as a gift in the meantime.