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FFI’s activities don’t produce any money at all. This means the association can operate only thanks to donations. Private people and companies can donate, the latter can also sponsor the activities of FFI.

Activities of FFI have no drowback of any kind and they are very apreciated by public opinion, which is warried not only by climate change in its global meaning, but also in its local effects in terms of meteo conditions. For this reason helping FFI is useful in terms of Corporate Social Responsability.

Italian media already wrote and broadcasted about FFI, also on main newspapers, radios and  TVs. Here is the updated list of FFI media coverage.

Of course FFI is on Facebook , where it has about 16000 likes, and it is on Instagram.

FFI can offer visibility to the Sponsor not only on the web and on social networks, but also when FFI does activities on the ground such as planting new woods.

Sponsor can be authorized to use FFI logo, which is a Trade Mark of FFI.

It is possible su donate for a specific FFI initiative, like an afforestation or the purchase of a land, and it is also possible finance the general expenses the association has. The latter help is very important for the FFI to achieve its results since many expenses are not directly linked to any given action, but to the general functioning of FFI, as it happens in any organization.

Also “tecnhical” Sponsor are welcome, since they can provide FFI the instruments required to act efficently. 

Despite what ancient Romans thought (Pecunia non olet = Money doesn’t smell) , FFI will not accept help from people and companies which business contradicts our principles.

Would you like to help Fondo Forestale Italiano?